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    I had my sins 11th bday party here, our first time ever going, what a blast!!! George is awesome,as well as all his staff, very professional. Would highly recommend .

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    First time out there and George was AWESOME!! He’s very helpful if you’re new to the sport and runs a first class business. Best field I’ve ever been to!! Highly recommend!

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    THE BEST place to play paintball in Charlotte. The combination of value and environment make it only place I will play from now on. The referees are extremely knowledgeable and help players from pro level to first timers. The owner is extremely nice and wants everyone to have a great time. All the facilities are maintained and ready for a day of throwing some paint.

    Michael B.
    Mooresville, NC

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    Good time had by a bunch of 14 and 15 year olds spending the day bonding and shooting people

    D C.
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    After a trip to Boss Paintball for my first experience in the sport I quickly learned paintball's not my thing. However, if it was, this is where I'd burn hours of my time throwing down the paint & pain. They get you trained up well before sending you out into the danger zone. Rule number one is mask on at all times inside the play area. Good rule of thumb because paintballs hurt and could seriously screw up your pretty face. Or put an eye out as mom says.

    Boss has multiple acres of land forested and hilly. It's perfect for turning your Call of Duty gaming experience into a semi-reality. It's quite frankly scarily realistic. If I remember correctly, for $50 you can rent a gun and mask and play all day. The only thing you have to "re-up" on with more money out of pocket is paintballs. They have multiple different scenarios (like capture the flag, bunker tag, etc.) and multiple different course layouts with whole multi-level buildings. Off to the side they also have a "speed ball" course with giant inflatables. I can recommend Boss Paintball over and over again for any paintball lover out there. A day will fly by out here. For me though, I don't think I'll be back simply because, as I said, it wasn't my thing.

    Jonathan U.
    Charlotte, NC

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    We had a blast today! All of the staff were awesome and very fun! Will definitely be back. Good value for multiple courses!

    Sadie W.
    Huntersville, NC

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    Lightem' up, up, up!
    This field is great! The Owners and staff are amazing! They are very friendly and helpful to any questions you have wether you are a novice or expert in your playing skills. They keep the games moving, not a lot of wasted time between. That is awesome because that is why your there right? To play and throw paint!

    They have a small store on site that offers some of the basics along with higher end add ons. Prices are reasonable and it is so convenient that you are there and supplies are there. They even offer repairs to keep you in the game!

    Great family fun for all skill levels.

    Darlene L.
    1, NC